[Users] Mojave|Simfactory|Fortran(thorn): F90 compiler rejecting "_##" in var names

Scott Hawley scott.hawley at belmont.edu
Thu Dec 19 21:43:34 CST 2013

I'm getting an error I've never seen before.  The GNU Fortran compiler (gfortran-mp-4.8)  is tripping over the use  of "_##" in variable names, which are being generated via the build process.  I'm familiar with underscores being an extension, however I've never seen pound signs before in variable names and I can't find any statements online as to these characters being allowed.

Presumably this is an extension that I need to enable -- any suggestions?   I've already got -std=gnu enabled.*

Eclipse > Mojave > Build...

/usr/bin/python simfactory/lib/sim.py build --mdbkey=make -j 8 --verbose bruiser --thornlist /Users/shawley/ThornLists/ThornListBruiser --optionlist /Users/shawley/options.bruiser.mac

IN DIRECTORY: /Users/shawley/Cactus


COMPILING /Users/shawley/Cactus/arrangements/CactusBase/Fortran/src/paramcheck.F90

Warning: Nonexistent include directory "/Users/shawley/Cactus/arrangements/CactusBase/Fortran/src/include"

Warning: Nonexistent include directory "/Users/shawley/Cactus/arrangements/CactusBase/Fortran/src/include"


  integer, parameter :: cctki_use_##cctk_dim = kind(cctk_dim)


Error: PARAMETER at (1) is missing an initializer

Two more questions:

1.  What is the simfactory analog of "SILENT=no"?   I see "--verbose" is already enabled, yet I'd like to see exactly what command (& flags) is being used to invoke the Fortran compiler.

2.  Can the warning re. no "include" directory be safely ignored?



* GNU Fortran manual, page 41:  "...By default, '-std=gnu' allows the compiler to accept both types of extensions..."

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