[Users] logic of scheduling SelectBoundConds in McLachlan?

Kelly, Bernard J. (GSFC-660.0)[UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND BALTIMORE COUNTY] bernard.j.kelly at nasa.gov
Fri Feb 15 23:34:15 CST 2013

Hi. Can someone explain to me why ML_BSSN calls SelectBoundConds within
MoL_PostStep? It seems like the kind of once-off routine that would happen
near the start of a simulation, rather than something that has to be
performed every single timestep.

I wouldn't mind, but while trying to understand why ML_BSSN was evolving
so slowly on one of our machines, I looked at the TimerReport files, and
saw that SelectBoundConds was taking *much* more time (like 20 times as
long) than the actual RHS calculation routines.


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