[Users] Meeting Minutes

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Feb 17 10:42:40 CST 2014

Present: Frank, Roland, Josh, Matt, Philipp

transition to git
* use GRHydro and GRHydro_Init as test cases
* Frank to create repository on bitbucket and move current trunk over there
* Frank to create list of files with mappings of svn user names to email
* contributors can then enter their preferred email address
* conversion will happen after this week
* the goal is to have the GRHydro development to happen this branch
* Frank will have a phone call with Philipp or Roland to walk him
through the outstanding commit proposals (after repo has been created)

* while rewriting MoL's scratch level handling, bugs were discovered in
the RK87 and RK4-RK2 schemes (in both cases the bug was introduced after
the initial implementation of the methods). Fixes have been proposed in
ticket #1505 [1]

* Frank will find replacement note takers for next week and the week after


[1] https://trac.einsteintoolkit.org/ticket/1505

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