[Users] reading/using HDF5 chunked 3D output in VisiT?

Bruno Giacomazzo bruno.giacomazzo at unitn.it
Sat Jun 21 03:11:55 CDT 2014

Hi Beany,

On Jun 20, 2014, at 10:20 PM, Bernard Kelly <physicsbeany at gmail.com> wrote:

> A summer intern here has been doing some visualizations with CarpetIOHDF5 2D data in VisiT, and it all seems to be going well. However, we're having trouble using the 3D output.
> * using the default "chunked" output, and looking at individual files *seems* to load OK, but the file contents are suspiciously similar across all cores (e.g., all show the same domain size, rather than specific chunks of it as I'd expect)

	this is the normal behavior. If you open *file_0.h5 (or other files) the plugin will open automatically all the other files and show you the full domain.

> * switching to the "unchunked" output (which takes a long time for Carpet to create), loading goes OK, but any attempt to visualize hangs, with an error message along the lines of "engine abnormally exited"

	no experience on this.


> We're using fairly up-to-date VisiT (v. 2.7.2 / 2.7.3).
> Any insight welcomed. Thanks,
> Bernard
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