[Users] Meeting Minutes

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Tue Mar 18 11:17:38 CDT 2014

Present: Frank, Roland, Ian, Erik, Steve, Zach, Peter

GRHydro update:
* GRHydro is seeing a major rewrite with most F90 routines being
re-implemented as C++
* in this process seldom (or completely) unused features are being removed
* suggestion is to announce changes (rewrite and lost functionality) on
mailing list then drop old code
* Roland to make a list of changed/dropped functionality

Git transition:
* we will combine related thorns into common repositories
* keep some thorns (ExternalLibraries that contain tarballs) in svn
* Erik to create a proposed list of repositories and thorns in them on
the wiki

* changes to MoL to avoid having to count evolved variables
* desire to have similar auto-counting in Carpet to determine number of
timelevels required for interpolation in time
* currently seems as if Carpet does not have enough information early
enough to allocate those timelevels
* suggestion (Erik): "register" grid functions with Carpet that same way
they are registered with MoL if interpolation in time will be required.
This will be a subset of the grid functions that do *not* state
prolongation_type = None


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