[Users] Meeting Minutes for 2014-11-03

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Nov 3 10:39:19 CST 2014

Present: Frank, Peter, Steve, Matt, Roland, Ian, Elo, Erik, Jonah, Josh,
Zach, Philipp

* intel compiler miscompiles NewRad
** intel 15 fixes this again
** Steve will try and write an autoconf test for this
* use after free in IOUtil's parameter recovery routine
** Frank to fix

* IllinoisGRMHD:
** suggest to use custom thornlist based on release thornlist but using
different branches for HydroBase and Carpet

Upcoming release:
** Send out announcement of upcoming release timeline to mailing list
** Elo has new simfactory files for new machine, will test and we will
include machine in release announcement if tests pass
* Frank to make people do what they promise to do
* GRHydro failing tests on stampede: Roland to check what is going on
and to fix


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