[Users] New WVUThorns Arrangement; Code Review Request

Zach Etienne zachetie at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 06:28:17 CDT 2015

Hello everyone.

I have just completed addressing all of Roland's points in his second round
of IllinoisGRMHD code review, verifying that the new IllinoisGRMHD code
generates results that agree to roundoff error with the pre-reviewed code.

As per our recent mailing list and telecon discussion, IllinoisGRMHD and
the two associated ET compatibility layer thorns are currently housed in
the new, publicly-available WVUThorns arrangement:


If you currently have write access to the ET, please send me your BitBucket
login info so I can grant you write access to WVUThorns as well. (Thanks!)

While Roland and I work out any remaining issues with the IllinoisGRMHD
thorn, I would appreciate if some of you would be willing to review the ET
compatibility layer thorns in the new WVUThorns arrangement.

The ET compatibility layer thorns are as follows:

1) ID_converter_ILGRMHD
Size: 199 lines of C code
Description: Converts HydroBase variables into IllinoisGRMHD variables,
used only during initial data stage. Also checks that variables are in
physical bounds.

2) convert_to_HydroBase
Size: 41 lines of C code
Description: Converts IllinoisGRMHD variables into HydroBase variables,
used for compatibility with HydroBase-compatible diagnostic thorns.

As you can see, there is not a lot of code to review. Thanks again for all
of your help and support.


*     *     *
Zachariah Etienne
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
West Virginia University
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