[Users] bug or feature?

Comer Duncan comer.duncan at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 09:01:15 CDT 2015

I have a thorn I am constructing from a Kranc script. it compiles ok.
However, upon looking at its schedule.inc file there is a section in which
apparently doubling up occurs. Here is the section:

schedule formgk AT CCTK_INITIAL before CT_MultiLevel
  SYNC: CT_g
  READS: grid::x(Everywhere)
  READS: grid::y(Everywhere)
  READS: grid::z(Everywhere)
  READS: grid::x(Everywhere)
  READS: grid::y(Everywhere)
  READS: grid::z(Everywhere)
  WRITES: CT_BrillAnalytic::g11(Interior)
  WRITES: CT_BrillAnalytic::g12(Interior)
  WRITES: CT_BrillAnalytic::g13(Interior)
  WRITES: CT_BrillAnalytic::g22(Interior)
  WRITES: CT_BrillAnalytic::g23(Interior)
  WRITES: CT_BrillAnalytic::g33(Interior)
} "formgk"

My question is how come there is a doubling of a READS grid::x(Everywhere)
along with the same for y and z?  I don't see any problem in the script
which obviously induces such behavior.  So, does this indicate that there
is a problem somewhere or should I ignore the doubling of the READS for x,
y, and z?  This script prepares initial data so this would not occur


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