[Users] scheduling and SCALAR variable

Frank Loeffler knarf at cct.lsu.edu
Fri Sep 18 08:17:19 CDT 2015

On Fri, Sep 18, 2015 at 12:53:33PM +0200, Vassilios Mewes wrote:
> I have a scalar variable, which contains the elements of a rotation matrix
> that rotates the z-axis into a given vector...
> I want to calculate some quantities (that are grid functions) in
> coordinates that have been rotated by this matrix...
> I run into the following problem:
> when scheduling the calculation of the quantities in local mode, the
> function doesn't seem to have access to the rotation matrix elements...

You should have access to scalars in any mode. What happens when you try?

> when scheduling the calculation in global, loop-local mode, I can't output
> the data at the grid points (the output gives 1.96808407167164e+243 at each
> point for every refinement level apart from the innermost, where the values
> are output correctly)

It is difficult to see what is going on without the actual scheduling
statements, and in general more information. Could you please post at
least the declaration of both scalar and GFs from interface.ccl, and the
corresponding SCHEDULE entries in schedule.ccl? Also, I assume you do
have storage enabled for both? Also useful might be the output of the
schedule tree. You get that by default, but also when running with the
-S option (that aborts the run after the tree has been printed).

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