[Users] TwoPunctures data storage

Roland Haas rhaas at aei.mpg.de
Wed Mar 2 08:35:18 CST 2016

Hello Alfred,

> I am a master student at UIB, and starting to use the Einstein Toolkit
> for binary black hole evolutions.
> I am using the TwoPunctures thorn for solving the constraints. In
> order to speed up tests of grid structures, I would like to just solve
> on the spectral grid once, store the data in a file, and reread them
> for different evolutions (e.g. with different finite difference
> grids). It looks like this is not supported right now. Has anybody
> done this already?
Yes this was implemented (in a very crude manner), by Frank Loeffler,
Bruno Mundim, Tanja Bode and myself for a project on NSNS ID using
TwoPunctures. I should be able to dig up the code if you give my a day
or two. Maybe one of the others will be faster (this is in the CIGR
project's TwoPunctures branch).


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