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Roland Haas rhaas at aei.mpg.de
Wed Mar 2 09:29:03 CST 2016

Hello all,

> Solving the equations is fast, the slow part is evaluating the
> solution on the finite differencing grid. If you want to use the same
> grid multiple times you can checkpoint the initial conditions. If you
> want to use different grids, then you'll have to repeat the slow part
> anyway.
I am not sure if with the Illinois group's speedup of the "evaluate"
facility in TwoPunctures (and the analogous change in the CIGR branch)
evaluating the spectral solution is not necessarily the slowest part
anymore. For BBH solving is likely still fast true but for very high
spectral resolution (such as we used in the CIGR project) and/or source
terms this is no longer quite true.

> There are ways to speed this up by sacrificing accuracy. I don't think
> this makes sense if you want to obtain accurate waveforms, though.
The "evaluate" facility should by now be quite fast.


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