[Users] TwoPunctures data storage

Roland Haas rhaas at aei.mpg.de
Wed Mar 2 22:37:53 CST 2016

Hello Alfred,

> I am using the TwoPunctures thorn for solving the constraints. In
> order to speed up tests of grid structures, I would like to just solve
> on the spectral grid once, store the data in a file, and reread them
> for different evolutions (e.g. with different finite difference
> grids). It looks like this is not supported right now. Has anybody
> done this already?
Please have a look at:


which you can clone as

git clone https://rhaas80@bitbucket.org/rhaas80/twopuncturescigr.git

to see if this contains something you find useful. It is *not* a branch
based of the currrent TwoPunctures (it is based of an older version) so
may for example contain bugs (there is one to do with the phi component
that was fixed in current master but likely not in this repository).

It does however offer code for checkpointing/recovering the spectral
data as well as support for OpenMP in TwoPunctures itself (this may also
already be in master).


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