[Users] Merging carpet hdf5 data without creating additional files

Michael Clark michael.clark at gatech.edu
Tue May 17 11:52:10 CDT 2016

Hello, I'm interested in ways to manipulate carpet hdf5 data from multiple
jobs (e.g. from different output-XXXX directories of a simfactory-managed
simulation) for visualization purposes.

Currently, if I had a variable I wanted to plot, what I would do is run
hdf5_merge on the separate .h5 files to generate a single hdf5 file and
then use a visualization tool (like visit) with it.

I'm curious if there is a means to do this differently: for instance, if
one could load the separate .h5 files in python as some collection of data
objects and then combine those objects, no separate and combined .h5 file
would need to be produced.  Then, if some means existed to create a
visualization from that data object (e.g. through yt), the need for the
combined .h5 file would be totally obsolete.

I suspect this must already be possible in some manner, perhaps using other
programs.  I'd be curious to hear how, for instance, SimulationTools
handles this problem.
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