[Users] Fwd: EinsteinToolkit - Build #884 - Still Unstable - 362/419 tests passed

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Tue Nov 29 08:52:38 CST 2016

Hello Ian, all,

> A recent commit caused a huge number of test failures.  I looked at
> one, and it seemed to be caused by a floating point exception.  We
> shouldn't get these, since we are supposed to disable them in favour
> of producing NaNs.  The only change that looks like it might have
> caused this is to the NaNChecker.  Roland, could your changes have
> had some unintended consequence?
The only one that changes anything other than the build system (ie
which could let it compile but then fail) is the change to NaNChecker,
which in the worst case scenario would produce extra NaNs in a helper
grid function. 

I'll try and see if I can understand what is going on. Is there a way
to log into the Jenkins slave that produced the errors? Otherwise I
guess I will try and see if I can remember how to get to the logs on
the server.


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