[Users] meeting minutes for 2016-10-03

rhaas at illinois.edu rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Oct 3 10:07:02 CDT 2016

Present: Roland, Frank, Steve, Ian, Eloisa, Erik, Roberto, Vassili, Zach

Failing Jenkins tests:
* currently failing
* WENO test -> Roland will take care of it, NaNChecker -> Roland,
  Frank: will write C code to produce NaNs
* ML_BSSN constraint failures: push change to ML_BSSN_Helper -> push
  fix to ML_BSSN_Helper. Roland gets SEGFAULTs when applying this patch
  in ml-gw1d-small tests (in CarpetLib's copy_from routine
* perl @INC will drop "." in 5.26. Which will break compiles. Steve
  points out that one can adjust PERL5PATH env variable to fix this
  without a code change. A code change will still be applied for future

ET website:
* gallery could use some language polish
* try and make gallery examples use only ET thornlists
* aim for this in the next release

Include Llama in ET:
* Erik tasked with starting the process of investigating whether it can
  be included
* needs to meet the guidelines for the ET
* needs documentation and basic examples, Vassili will talk with Erik
  about this at MW24

Update LORENE:
* have second thorn LORENE2 for new version
* try and make choice between the two of them a run-time choice
* Roland suggests to patch LORENE1 in ET to fix handling of piecewise
  polytropes since the fix was included in LORENE after the file format
  update. Roland will provide the patch (from the original authors).
* want to keep backwards compatible, list both in ThornList,
  eventually give preference to LORENE2 if only one can be compiled at
  the same time
* Roberto mentions that the code to regenerate the BNS data files is
  included in LORENE and can be used to regenerate the public data files
  in the new format

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