[Users] Einstein Toolkit Meeting Reminder

Christian D. Ott cott at tapir.caltech.edu
Sat Feb 25 20:39:01 CST 2017

Hi All,

On 2/25/17 17:08, Roland Haas wrote:

> Topics to cover (please reply on the mailing list to suggest extra
> ones):
> * status of ET on comet
> * testsuite status
> * (summer) student projects involving the ET

Can we add a discussion of Con2Prim-outsourcing for GRHydro?

The idea is to have separate thorns provide Con2Prim routines for 
GRHydro, because often research projects need modified/customized 
Con2Prim handling (e.g. hydro near punctures etc.).

We have a trial implementation of this in Zelmani, but Roland and I have 
some differing views how this should be done and it would be good to 
discuss this with a broader group of people.


  - Christian

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