[Users] new web page design

Frank Loeffler knarf at cct.lsu.edu
Mon Jan 30 14:20:40 CST 2017


The current Einstein Toolkit web pages at


are about to be replaced with a newer design. Some content changes might 
go with that, but a strong emphasis is on the design change. Feel free 
to suggest content improvements, but please don't mix them with the 
design change.

The new pages can currently be previewed at


We would like to get feedback before making the switch. In particular, 
we are interested in experiences with all kinds of browsers and/or 
devices and screen sizes.

If you think you've encountered a bug that relates to the layout, a 
screen-shot might be the best way to show what you see.

You can view the source behind the web pages within the bitbucket 

(and separate, due to its size):

If you are developer, you should have write permissions. Reporting 
something like a typo probably takes longer than fixing it there. If you 
like to make larger changes and feel unsure about them, feel free to 
open a pull request and a ticket.

We will discuss received feedback at the next Einstein Toolkit call 
(Monday next week; 6th of February). Depending how things go, that might 
be as early as the new version goes live.

Frank Löffler

PS: Don't report the crappy look of images in Microsoft Edge (probably 
all IE as well). That's due to the crappy image interpolation MS uses, 
and there isn't a good way to deal with that other than using a decent 

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