[Users] meeting minutes for 2017-06-19

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Jun 19 09:49:46 CDT 2017

Present: Steve, Roland, Ian, Roberto, Christian, Bill Gabella, Frank,
Gabrielle, Eliu, Qian, Vassili

ET Release:
* still have outstanding problems before the release or even before
  large scale testing
* ML testsuites still failing when computing constraints
** need to do this before the release
** Peter, who looked into this, cannot work on it this week
** need a volunteer: Frank will approach persons in private,
specifically persons funded by the ET grant
* SphericalHarminicGen
** two failing tests (Frank sees SEGFAULTs and HDF5 errors)
** Roland will make time to fix it
* MPI fails to build if needed
** Roland suggests to check if OS is linux in perl script then add librt
and libutil as a workaround. Frank agrees. All agree, will test this.
* GRHydro
** still fails with NaN
** on Roland's plate

* want these updates until Wednesday
* test on machines, Frank request feedback for results on personal
* name for release, pick one from:


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