[Users] release status

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Jun 19 14:19:24 CDT 2017

Hello Frank,

> It's one way of doing it. It would leave a majority of users with
> manual changes to their optionlist in simfactory, because the default
> isn't working. 
I wouldn't say that. I would hope that the majority of users does not
have to build OpenMPI from scratch. Mostly because that only barely
works (eg does not put mpirun into PATH so that simfactory's run
scripts do not work).

>  I don't want to go that way. If we do, I would vote to
> add those to LIBS already in simfactory, and add to the release notes
> that if you happen to use the debian (or also redhat I believe)
> optionlists on something else than Linux, you better remove those.
I thought this must work without simfactory? Adding them to the SF
files is of course an option (obviously only the ones for Linux).

> If we don't include the linux-query (perl) code in the release, I
> also think we shouldn't include at all, but instead properly fix the
> library list. We can query the library after it has been built. All
> we need to do is to make it possible to tell Cactus about those.
I would include it. I don't expect the Cactus build system to be
re-written anytime soon (because there are pressing issues that eg
prevent us from running on Stampede so no one can use their allocation
on one of the few remaining US resources). Also we already have may open
issues with the ExternalLibraries and their build scripts. It would be
good to close some of those first before we open up new issues.


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