[Users] HDF5 3D output separate time files

Hayley Macpherson hayley.macpherson at monash.edu
Tue Jun 20 08:04:25 CDT 2017

I am using the Einstein Toolkit for cosmological simulations, and would
like to ask a question regarding my HDF5 3D output.
Currently I am outputting all 3D snapshots to one HDF5 file (as per
default). I would like to have my output as separate files for each time
snapshot, to help with ease of copying and visualisation in post

I found the following parameter in IOUtil, and changed it accordingly for a
IO::out_timesteps_per_file = 1
However this made no difference to my output, I still had multiple time
snapshots in the one file.

Is there another way to separate my 3D HDF5 output into one file per
Any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated!

Kind regards,
Hayley Macpherson
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