[Users] HDF5 3D output separate time files

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Thu Jun 22 13:38:51 CDT 2017

Hello Hayley,

> Is there another way to separate my 3D HDF5 output into one file per
> snapshot?
One file per snapshot with output from all processors is likely not
(easily) possible. Similarly there is currently no code in CarpetIOHDF5
for creating a new file every N output cycles.

> Any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated!
You'd have to edit 


(for out3d_vars output). Simplest would be to edit the basefilename
that you can see in line 441:

    ostringstream basefilenamebuf;
    basefilenamebuf << my_out_slice_dir << "/" << alias;
    const string basefilename = basefilenamebuf.str();

as long as you choose a new filename, everything should be fine.
Something like (untested!):

    basefilenamebuf << ".it_" << cctk_iteration

should do the trick (one file per iteration and with the obvious
changes for multiple iterations per file).


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