[Users] meeting minutes for 2018-08-20

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Aug 20 10:29:15 CDT 2018

Hello all,

> Unanswered questions on mailing list:
> * URL to see candidates:
> https://www.einsteintoolkit.org/tools/unanswered
This is now sorted by the date of the last unanswered email in each
thread (and the ID that is sorted by is shown in the output list).

The script can be run offline by redirecting its output to a file
foo.html and opening foo.html in a browser (they tend to ignore the
missing <html><body> pairs).


My email is as private as my paper mail. I therefore support encrypting
and signing email messages. Get my PGP key from http://pgp.mit.edu .
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