[Users] meeting minutes for 2018-08-27

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Aug 27 09:59:50 CDT 2018

Present: Steve, Roland, Yosef, Zach, Helvi, Sam, Bhavesh, Peter,
Patrick Nelson, Bill

Working group updates:
* Perforrmance optimization: nothing to report
* Education: nothing to report
* Cosmoparticle: nothing to report
* IllinoisGRMHD: updates are on the wiki page,

Gallery examples for next release:
* BBH: comparison between current code and gallery data in Zenodo,
  results are pretty close. Plots are here
* poisson: Roland updated code, with this he can reproduce the plots,
  updated the website
* BNS: Peter found out that change of using EOS_Omni to compute
  quantities cause most of the initial differences, after merger there
  are still differences. So far no input from Frank or Roberto, Peter
  will contact them directly.

* WVUDiagnostics: no progress, want testsuites. Push to next release
  unless we have tests soon.
* GiRaFFE: main thorn reviewed, most of GiRaFFE_Food, Zach and Roland
  to prioritize this request over others
* Lean: Erik to review, likely not before the release
* Proca: Peter made some progress, will continue to push it this week

* would like some documentation explaining how to set up checkpoint /

IllinoisGRMHD robustness:
* Zach reduced the maximum allowed speed to have a max. speed less than
* finds that robustness is greatly increased if one uses 3rd order
  Lagrange interpolator for IllinoisGRMHD variables. There is a pull
  request for such an operator:

* remove MPG machines: draco, minerva, hydra are MPG machines. Wolfgang
  said he could maybe run on one of them, if not then we will remove
* Peter will run smic
* Marconi: a machine in Italy, Roberto de Pietri, Eloisa had access, if
  they cannot run, then we should remove them

Moving website to github:
* may be difficult to move due to multiple repos being linked up
* some pages use php and cgi which are not straightfoward to run from
* currently have docker image that makes the server much more
  self-contained than before, docker image is here: 

Working group calls:
* IllinoisGRMHD on Wednesday 11:00AM US Eastern Time
* Performance optimization on Friday 12pm US Central time


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