[Users] Einstein Toolkit Tutorial at PRACE school in Rome

Bruno Giacomazzo bruno.giacomazzo at unitn.it
Fri Dec 7 04:52:42 CST 2018

Dear All,
  this week I gave a lecture on the Einstein Toolkit at a PRACE school. The
lecture included also a tutorial which is available on my web page:

   It is almost the same I gave at the Einstein Toolkit Workshop in Lisbon
this year. The main difference is that I provide a thornlist that downloads
and compiles only the thorns that are needed in order to run the TOV
example (instead of the full Einstein Toolkit). The tutorial takes about
one hour in total on a laptop.

  I hope you find it useful.



Prof. Bruno Giacomazzo
Department of Physics
University of Trento
via Sommarive 14
38123 Trento

Tel.  : +39 0461281631
email : bruno.giacomazzo at unitn.it
web: http://www.brunogiacomazzo.org

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