[Users] meeting minutes for 2018-01-29

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Jan 29 09:36:41 CST 2018

Present: Roland, Antoni Ramos Buades, Eloisa, Erik, Ian, Jim, Sam,
Steve, Peter, Yosef, Bhavesh, Bill, Carlos, Gabrielle, Muricia
Suarez, Roberto de Pietri, Qian, two anonymous callers

Invitation to join cosmo working groups
* if interested, please join the mailing list as outlined in the email
  by Helvi at:

Failing tests in PITTNullCode:
* Yosef tracked it down to a compiler bug. The only affected code is
  the test, regular code in the thorn does not use the failing
  combination of operations. A bug report has been filed with the gcc
* would like to find out which versions are affected
* will follow Yosef's suggestion and remove the test

Release status:
* test are in the process of running on clusters
* have to find out (again) how to populate
* had release status meeting on Friday and could clarify most issues
* details are here:
* Ian created tickets for the otustanding tasks (marked with the
  milestone) in the trac system
* code name "Tesla"

OpenMP scaling:
* Jim ran openmp-tasks version on Stamped2 Skylake
* running on larger number of cores (~24 nodes) one sees an improved
  runspeed using the task based prolongation compared to either the old
  code or the new code with the options turned off
* this test used 11 reflevels and fairly high resolution
* Erik points out the importance of thread binding in Cactus which
  requires the SystemTopology thorn. Jim will re-run with that thorn
  active (~256 iterations is enough). Should also post the stdout files
  where Carpet lists thread binding results

ET US meeting at GT:
* dates have still to be finalized


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