[Users] Meeting Minutes

Steven R. Brandt sbrandt at cct.lsu.edu
Mon May 28 09:25:14 CDT 2018

Present: Anton Ramos, Peter Diener, Bhavesh, Zach, Eric West, Sam Cupp, 

Zach Etienne: Did the only working group update.
     (1) Patched for piecewise-polytropic.
     (2) Illinois group is migrating from private GRMHD to the public one.
     (3) Georgia Tech is using the code, but it crashes with McLachlin.
     (4) Zach feels it is difficult to understand what the McLachlin 
parameters do
         and how to set them. Peter volunteered to write some documentation.
     (5) Cal Pamona group is using Cactus but it's very slow. Suggested 
making sure
         SystemTopology and hwloc are present.

Bhavesh, travel funds are still available.

Zach suggests a discussion at the workshop in June about how other 
groups that are non-cartesian.

NRPY is coming along.

Added new Giraffe thorns to master. They are compiling. Zach will add tests.

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