[Users] meeting minutes for 2019-03-28

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Mar 28 09:24:45 CDT 2019

Present: Steve, Roland, Yosef, Peter, Bill, Chris, Sam, Helvi, Zach

ET release:
* no update on BNS gallery example
* WVU diagnostics will go in
* Proca will go in
* Lean will go in
* bethe failing test: check if we test PETSC code on other machines,
  Roland has seen errors popping up on bethe for a number of releases,
  somewhat more frequent when oversubscribing the machine, first time
  that a PETSC error shows up though
* draft of release notes:
* will release tomorrow Friday Mar 29th, waiting for feedback on the

ET meeting at RIT:
* invites to speakers should go out today, and have announcement on the
  list later this week

ET meeting at KCL:
* room is booked for Sept 2nd to Sept 6th
* will update planners and add information to website

EU LISA meeting (May 13th - 15th) at AEI:
* Helvi is organizer so will be there
* LSU will send one person
* there is some funds to support student accommodation, needs letter of


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