[Users] Unable to install ET on my Fedora scientific 29

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Mar 2 10:47:46 CST 2020

Hello: Yash Patley,

this error message unfortunately is too generic. "Error 2" is make's
generic error code when something went wrong.

There likely is a more detailed error somewhere earlier in the output
that may provide a hint as to the original cause of the failure.

To help you diagnose and fix the problem, please include the output
file "make.log" produced by:

simfactory/bin/sim build &>make.log

as well as the files:



as well as the *.ini file that corresponds to your laptop (see the
output of simfactory/bin/sim whomai) in 



> Sir,
> I have an HP laptop with intel i5 4th gen processor, AMD graphic card, 8 gb
> ram, 2 cores and 1 socket.
> I am trying to install ET on my laptop but I am getting an error message
> that says Flesh MPI and error reconfiguring sim-config, make: ***[Makefile:
> 733: sim-config] Error 2.
> Please help me with this issue.
> Thank you.

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