[Users] [USERS]CarpetInterp Problem while using with Multi-Refinement Levels

Aryan Sharma aryan.081.as at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 06:34:03 CST 2020

Hi all,

This is a question about interpolation in Carpet.
I am using InterpGridArrays in a function scheduled in CCTK_Initial for
interpolating grid variables and, when I have a single refinement level
(unigrid), the interpolation is done correctly with no error messages.
When I have two refinement levels (level 0 and level 1), it happens that I
need to use values of the variables at grid points on level 0 to
interpolate to grid points on level 1. The points on level 0 I want to
interpolate from are present on level 0 only. Refinement level 1 does not
extend to that region. When I am running it with these 2 refinement levels,
Cactus is giving me an error that some points are outside the grid (outside
level 1). However, it should be possible for the InterpGridArrays function
to interpolate the value at this point from the coarser refinement level as
overall speaking the point is within the base grid of the simulation.

Thus, My query is:--
Is there any way to schedule my routine in global mode so that
InterpGridArrays can use values at grid points on level 0 while calculating
interpolated values for grid points on refinement level 1? If I simply add
OPTION: global or OPTIONS: global loop-local in my schedule.ccl file, the
run crashes with a segmentation fault.

Thank you for your time. I really hope you could look into it.

Thanks and regards
Aryan Sharma
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