[Users] [USERS]CarpetInterp Problem while using with Multi-Refinement Levels

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Wed Mar 4 07:04:43 CST 2020

Hello Aryan,

> Thus, My query is:--
> Is there any way to schedule my routine in global mode so that
> InterpGridArrays can use values at grid points on level 0 while calculating
> interpolated values for grid points on refinement level 1? If I simply add
> OPTION: global or OPTIONS: global loop-local in my schedule.ccl file, the
> run crashes with a segmentation fault.
Scheduling with "OPTION: global" or "OPTION: global-late" are the correct options to use for interpolation (exotic use cases aside). 

To be sure: you do not need to write back the interpolated values onto the grid, right?

A segfault in "global" mode would normally indicate that you were trying to access a grid function, since those are not accessible in global mode. However if you also get the same segfault when using loop-local then this does not seem to be the cause of the segfault. 

On top of my head I am not aware of any difference in accessible memory between 
"local" scheduled routines and "global loop-local" ones. If you compiled with enough debug options (and few enough -O levels) so that you get a useful backtrace, do you know the exact line in your code that causes the segfault?

Would it be possible for you to provide a demo thorn (stripped of physics, just the skeleton of the calls) that can be compiled and run demonstrate the issue (for example as an tar / zip attachment to an email)?


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