[Users] Fwd: Modifications to TOV collapse simulation for scalar collapse

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Fri Mar 6 18:21:05 CST 2020

Justin Verde had trouble sending to the mailing list (his email server being flagged as a spam host by sorbs) and asked me to forward.

Forwarded email text follows:

Hello everyone,

I was able to successfully run the TOV collapse and have attached some
build notes and the par file I used to do so, for anyone interested.

I've begun using the simulation as a basis for building a scalar field
collapse simulation, and am perhaps getting lost in some of the
competencies/communications between the different thorns in the job. I've
attached a .pdf that shows my understanding of the dependencies and
inheritances across thorns in the TOV collapse.

My current way forward involves:

1. Remove EOS_OMNI dependencies
2. Rewrite TOVSolver as a new thorn (ScalarSolver)
3. Replace GRHydro with similar thorn of reduced capabilities (GRScalar)

I'm wondering if anyone has any best practices (previously documented, or
otherwise) to take into account when doing so, or if there are any warnings
to heed before playing around with duplicating a thorn. My worry is that
I'll spend weeks making a mistake that I could have avoided by asking for
help beforehand.

My specific questions are as follows:

1. Is removing all EOS_OMNI-related comments from the par file adequate?
2. In the TOVSolver documentation there is a reference to a "scalar field
code" that uses the CalcTmunu interface, which seems to refer to a code
doing similar things to what I'm trying to do. Is there somewhere I could
get this code, or a simulation that may help see what hydro elements I can
3. If I were to completely remove GRHydro, what functionalities would I
lose? I plan to use it to handle the evolution equation for my scalar field
by simply removing any strictly hydro (or shock) parts that don't seem
necessary. Is this (in)advisable?

Thanks again for all the community help I've received so far!

Kindest Regards,

Justin Verde
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