[Users] meeting minutes for 2020-03-05

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Mar 5 09:40:08 CST 2020

Present: Alois Peter Schaffarczyk, Bill, Chris, Helvi, Liu Haoyang,
Justin Verde, Maria, Peter, Roland, Steve, Zach

updates on codes:
* Zach updated on status of Baikal. 
** ready for review, Helvi is reviewer and informed, official "no harm
    is done" still outstanding, but do not expect problems. Hope to have
    go ahead tonight or tomorrow
** Zach conducted validation tests
** sped up code generation by adding parallelism
** documentation is currently in notebooks that are in nrpytutorial
   repository and not included in Baikal
** Roland suggested using a git submodule of nrpytutorial in Baikal to
    link it to the version used
* Zach and Roland working on review
** code now incorporates piecewise polytropes
** code has documentation in notebook
** Roland to interact with Zach on how to generate and how to best
* Steve updated PreSync and is now merged into mater
** by default is off and only enabled when setting parameters
** Found some failing thorns that Steve will interact with Zach on how
   to fix

timeline of release:
* call for volunteers for gallery examples
* please encourage students since it is a good training for them to use
  the ET
* open "major" tickets for the release:

ET US release:
* waiting for final graphics for website
* will announce soon
* still some travel funds left, please send email to Steve or via the
  registration form (once online)

* Erik has up to date git repo of website content
* Ian created github hosted copy at:
* needs update of DNS entry for carpetcode.org to point to it, not sure
  if this is already ongoing

Unanswered questions:
http://lists.einsteintoolkit.org/pipermail/users/2020-March/007329.html which asks about spin of a neutron star. If one can wait long enough
  one could compute the ADM angular momentum at infinity. Pfeiffer et
  al. looked into computing spin of NS and (Roland recalls) ended up
  computing the qlm surface integral on a surface just above the NS
* could also try and integrate the volumetric angular momentum which
  could be used (using the ADM-J volume integral)
* for a BH + disk system one can try and combine the spin measured on
  the horizon (even if hairy) plus volume integral of spin in disk and
  combine to ADM spin
* Zach will try to contact the person

Open tickets:

Workshop in Spain in July:
* new frontiers in strong gravity
* registration now open
* http://benasque.org/2020relativity/
* some NSF funding and EU funds to support student travel, information
  on website


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