[Users] Meeting Minutes for 2020-03-26

Steven R. Brandt sbrandt at cct.lsu.edu
Thu Mar 26 12:10:11 CDT 2020

Date: 3/26/2020

Attending: Zach, Steve, Helvi, Alois Peter, Rhaas, Liu, Bill, Maria, Yosef

Minutes: Helvi then Bill
Chairs: Steve then Roland

ETK meeting in LSU. Not canceled yet.

Vote on postponing the release by a couple of weeks because of COVID19.

   * Steve and Roland are not negatively impacted by the situation, but 
Zach and Helvi are.

   * Zach's Baikal code is faster with GCC but slower with Intel. For 
these and other issues, he's not sure what to do about the release.

   * Student made a big step forward in NRPy+ optimizations, 10% 
performance boost by improving common subexpression elimination. Maybe 
use Zach's code for SPEC benchmark?

   * The release will be postponed by a month.

   * Changes to Illinois GRMHD will be postponed for a month.

Update on PreSync: looking at Kranc.

Test suite results: Roland discovered some failures but not many. 
SuperMUC is still being tested. May need a warning in the release notes 
about hwloc update.

No blockers in bugs.

Gallery testing. Roland will poke his students. Use Singularity? Comet 
probably uses it. Maybe Stampede or DOE clusters? Cory?
     Bill volunteered and a student to run poisson.
     BBH and multipatch scalar wave? Who will run? Still looking.

Unanswered questions, modifications to TOV collapse. Person got rejected 
as spam by filter. What other ways are there of contacting us besides 
the mailing list?

Optimized thornlist creator needs approval.

Bill suggests that Steve publishes his docker images.

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