[Users] Thank you!

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Tue Apr 13 17:57:19 CDT 2021

Hello Murray,

> As you suggested, I added a .hostname file and ran ./simfactory/bin/sim
> build --clean --reconfig .  I'm past the -fopenmp issue which plagued me
> for days! Thank you.
Glad to have been able to help.

> While I was trying to get around the -fopenmp problem, I edited the file
> /Users/murray/Cactus/configs/sim/OptionList . I'm not sure if that file is
> input or output. It's input, but it might be both. I changed the version
> name (added a '_' at the end of the version string); set the compiler and
> preprocessor directives to use gcc-10, etc.; and turned the OpenMP options
> off.
The file is both. When you ran ./simfactory/bin/sim setup-silent then
simfactory created a custom option list named generic-10.cfg or so in
simfactory/mdb/optionlists/ and a custom machine ini file pointing to
that option list in simfactory/mdb/machines/. When you then ran
simfactory/bin/sim build it copied that option list to OptionList and
used it with Cactus to compile the code. Cactus then generates an
almost copy of that file in configs/sim/config-info and eventually a
makefile fragment based on that information in


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