[Users] Grid structure inconsistency & errors in surface mask locations

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Fri Apr 16 10:39:24 CDT 2021

Hi, I was wondering if anybody could help me spot the problem(s) in
(possibly) my parameter file?

I am trying to run a BBH simulation with mass ratio = 3. The parameter b=3
and the punctures were set at +3 and -1 on the x axis (as I understand the
setup requires, so that the center of mass is at 0). I set up the
CarpetGrid refinement domains accordingly. The simulation runs for about
8000 steps and ends with an error concerning the grid, which I put here
(error log and parameter file attached):


The differences between this parameter file and the one originally provided
with Einstein Toolkit was that I had removed any reflectionsymmetry180 and
I commented out the Carpet Mask variables concerning the surfaces, i.e I
simulated without:

CarpetMask::excluded_surface [0] = 0
CarpetMask::excluded_surface_factor[0] = 1.0
CarpetMask::excluded_surface [1] = 1
CarpetMask::excluded_surface_factor[1] = 1.0
CarpetMask::excluded_surface [2] = 2
CarpetMask::excluded_surface_factor[2] = 1.0

I did so because there was some weird behaviour with Surface mask location
- it correctly localized the puncture 0 (at +3), but couldn't locate the
puncture 1 (at -1) - it said it was at [e^273, ..., ...] etc.

Hence the question, how to set up the puncture tracker, AHFinderDirect and
CarpetMask correctly?
I also set up the target masses instead of the bare ones.

I am currently playing around with some options, but in case I don't get
anywhere, I would much appreciate any help.

Best regards
Konrad Topolski
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