[Users] Grid structure inconsistency & errors in surface mask locations

Seven Eight seveneights7e8 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 17 09:09:33 CDT 2021

Hi, thanks for your response

I have updated my parameter file slightly, but I am still getting some
worrying warnings about interpolation.
Here's the link:


What bothers me is that the situation seems to be asymmetric with regards
to coordinates x and y despite my best efforts to setup a totally
symmetry-free file.
       grid x_min(delta_x)x_max = -126.25(1.25)125
        grid y_min(delta_y)y_max = -126.25(1.25)5  <------  this is worrying
        grid z_min(delta_z)z_max = -6.25(1.25)125

I think that could be the reason for later failure.
Also, I have added more refinement levels, but I want to fix this problem
first before finding the horizons.

Best regards
Konrad Topolski
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