[Users] Meeting Minutes 2021-12-16

Gabella, William E b.gabella at Vanderbilt.Edu
Thu Dec 16 10:28:29 CST 2021

Present: Steve B, Bill G, Roland H, Peter D, Yosef Z, Miguel G, Atul K, 
Zach E

Chair: Steve B, Minutes: Bill G

* Last Release (named Johnson, dated Dec 2021), comments

Steve, it is done and it was more work than previously thought. Did 
update the process notes.

Yosef, for the announcement upload to Hyperspace in our release notes 
was a reference to another announcement but could not resolve it.  This 
announcement is currently on Hyperspace at 
.  The contact is not listed correctly, says Yosef and not maintainers.  
We found the previous release on Hyperspace at 
.  Seems to be Wordpress as the host.  The other announcement was too 
long, so Roland asked that Yosef decrease it.  Steve, maybe one can also 
put in the DOI, but Luciano Rezzola (runs the site) does not want links 
(maybe?).  Zenodo reference is https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5770803 .

Steve, would like to have Kranc and NRpy build and for this release and 
they did not.

Zach, working on updating and modernizing Baikal, next release will be 
more consistent and seamless.  Improvements to the build system, more in 
line with NRPy ( http://astro.phys.wvu.edu/bhathome/ ).  More code 
re-use with the NRPy infrastructure, and automatic generation of Par 
files.  That is what is planned.  Also will check that you can run the 
NRPy notebook and create the generated code---Zach is working on it.

** The tutorial server

Steve, it has been updated  and runs the Cactus tutorial, heat equation, 
and wave equation notebooks without incident, also the Self Force 
tutorial.  Should be able to get at it in docker, the Docker hub is 
Einstein Toolkit.  And Steve has access to it and can give other people 
access to the Jupyter ET repo and into the directory and build the 
images there.  He would like to add some documentation---you need to 
build base, notebook, cilogin (makes the system we have), and  CYOL, 
(create your own login for the tutorial servers).  Each uses a "From" 
the previous step and one can push to the repo and it should all go.  
Need permissions to push it there.  Could make a script on the tutorial 
server, so that when a new version appears it could install it 
automatically....otherwise one must deal with LSU's CCT IT system.  You 
can create your own server based on CILogin step.

* SPEC Benchmark

Need to ping them about the status of ET.  Have answered all their 
email.  SPEC at https://www.spec.org/ , last posted results are from 2017.

* ET Website Glitch

Roland, found a glitch on the ET Website.  If you go to the BNS gallery 
page with http and not https, you can see the movie frame and the play 
triangle, but it will not play.  Need to check out server logs.

https://einsteintoolkit.org/gallery/bns/index.html  Shows the movie.
http://einsteintoolkit.org/gallery/bns/index.html  Shows only the movie 

* Bug Hunt / Hack-a-thon

Bill, sometime in early January will post about having a "hack-a-thon" / 
"bug hunt" to clear as many Open Tickets as possible.  Focus of this one 
would be clear tickets.

* 2017 ET Summer school and workshop

Some of us were interviewed by a graduate student about using code, and 
he published his paper, https://arxiv.org/abs/2109.10971 .  Roland would 
like to ask him to talk about it to us.


Peter, talked to Barry Wardell and he will try to have a European ET 
Workshop in UCD, Dublin, looking for funding.

Steve, Supercomputing 2021 ( https://sc21.supercomputing.org/ ) was 
great.  Best Tech Party ever.  Was in the St. Louis City Museum that is 
kind of a fun house, bizarre artwork inside a building, with lots of 
tunnels and slides weaving through the building, 10 story slide on the 

Steve, we talked about a regular monthly talk at our telecons. Reminds 
us that we want to do that.

Atul, announcement that he started at RIT...finishing Notre Dame PhD and 
continuing as an RIT post-doc.  He thanks the ET community for all the 
help and support.

* [https://www.einsteintoolkit.org/tools/unanswered.php unanswered 
question on mailing list]

open tickets sorted by update time]

Gallery examples should get closed...and then are re-opened for the next 
release.  If it is your ticket, click the Resolve button (upper right) 
and give it some text.

tickets ready for review]

The Chair and Minute taker for the next meeting, Jan 6th, chair Yosef, 
and minutes Roland.

*** ***
*** Have a great break, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a great New 
Year! ***
*** ***

William Gabella
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN  USA

b.gabella at vanderbilt.edu
(o) 615-343-2713

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