[Users] trapping SEGFAULT in CarpetLib's backtrace routines

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Feb 11 12:51:32 CST 2021

Hello all,

fixed in git hash
[3c82dfbb](https://bitbucket.org/eschnett/carpet/commits/3c82dfbb8c7b399d07884ca914335751bb9b83bf) "CarpetLib: trap SEGV signals and generate backtrace" of [carpet](https://bitbucket.org/eschnett/carpet) after some discussion on gitter https://gitter.im/EinsteinToolkit/EinsteinToolkit?at=6024071d9d5c644f66623c5f


> Hello all,
> I noticed that the routine request_backtrace in
> CarpetLib/src/backtrace.cc only sets signal handlers for some of the
> signals, namely:
> void request_backtraces() {
>   signal(SIGQUIT, signal_handler);
>   signal(SIGILL, signal_handler);
>   signal(SIGABRT, signal_handler);
>   signal(SIGFPE, signal_handler);
>   signal(SIGBUS, signal_handler);
> }
> which has the unfortunate side effect that in a test run of mine on
> Stampede2 (2020_05 option lists, Intel MPI stack and compiler) no
> backtrace was generated when I triggered a SEGFAULT.
> The only indication for a SEGFAULT was the error number (11) reported by MPI.
> Obviously adding 
>   signal(SIGSEGV, signal_handler);
> is trivial and it does indeed give a me a backtrace.
> Given the simplicity I am wondering if there was a reason whey SIGSEGV
> is not trapped by CarpetLib?
> Yours,
> Roland

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