[Users] Meeting Minutes 2021-02-25

Atul Kedia akedia at nd.edu
Thu Feb 25 11:20:28 CST 2021

Present: Roland H., Steve B., Peter D., Maria H., Miguel G, Kenneth S.,
Bill G., Zach E, Karima S., Atul K.

Chair: Steve

Minutes: Atul

SPEC benchmark contribution task
<https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/tickets/issues/2470> [RH, SB]

Roland: Making progress. We now have a version of ET with a single
makefile. We don't have CCZ4. Need to send it back to Nvidia for GPU

Steve : We need a better test system. Last time all results and answers
were 0.

Need different tests because code got sped up a lot by Nvidia people.

Roland : Provide analytic solutions ?

Steve : Or put a non-zero ID, and check if the output doesn't change.

Steve : SPEC asking for two separate paperwork submissions for Cactus and

Maria : Cactus has been used to simulate seismic winds ten years ago.
[Implying it is different from ET]

Today is the deadline for proposals.

Simfactory usage survey  [RH] (

Results so far -  PDF

Roland : 25 respondents so far


   Users are mostly (~ 50%) senior people (professors, researchers and
   post-docs) with about 10 years of experience that have been contributing to

   More than 50% users are involved in more than 10 production level
   simulations. [higher than expected]

   Changes in SimFactory files are very frequent.

   Submit scripts are being changed, which implies that that file needs to
   be investigated.

   Bugs in SimFactory :  56% users never found/reported a bug. 76% of users
   never fixed bugs.

   Sub-commands are you aware of or have used?

      list-archived-simulations command does not work. [was expected to
      have 0 users.]

Steve : Which of these commands can be removed?

Roland : Suggests get-output-dir. A few others could be combined like
list-conf with list-configurations, and list-sub with list-simulations.

Not many people are using optimise, and some other commands.

Steve : filled an earlier test survey, not the current one.

Roland : Need to see if older experienced people are the only ones fixing
the bugs.

Steve : Seems most people are using SimFactory.

Roland : Although people not using SimFactory are unlikely to participate
in the survey.

Upcoming Release ---

Zach : Reviewers for a few proposed thorns needed.

POWER (python script) (
has Maria H as reviewer. No update for con2prim. SelfForce 1D will be
major, if done [Peter D].

Feature freeze is potentially on 14th May.

Python 3 simfactory -

Steve : not going to have it done soon. There are pieces of it that dont
work. Maybe put it in as beta?

Putting it in master means it gets checked in different clusters by people
before release. And if it doesn’t work we revert one version for release.

Zach : MaxwellVacuum and MaxwellVacuumID thorns don't have reviewers. These
are very pedagogical thorns. Is being used by Baumgarte and Shapiro (who
are publishing a related book
for showing differences in ADM and BSSN formalisms to students.

Roland : one can use the include command like in
http://einsteintoolkit.org/gallery/bns/nsnstohmns.th to add a few more
thorns to the original einsteintoolkit.th thornlist.

Steve : Simfactory needs a test suite before adding Python 3 SimFactory.

Zach : POWER definitely looks good to go to Master repo.

Roland : It only needs better documentation, regression tests and
comparisons with SimulationTools - Mathematica (https://simulationtools.org/

Zach : Canuda needs reviewers.

Zach : This release is likely going to be mostly patches to existing
thorns, and POWER.

Maria : Does POWER integrate Psi4 ?

Roland : It takes MultiPole-Psi4 and extrapolates to Scri+ for each (l,m)
mode. Does not add up all modes.

Unanswered questions on email:

  Science Gateway for the ET

Steve: Looking for people’s opinions and thoughts.


open tickets sorted by update time]



tickets ready for review]


Future call Chairs and Minute takers

     4  March : Chair Peter D., Minutes Bill G.

    11 March : Chair Maria H., Minutes Miguel G.

------------------------------------- End of Call

Atul Kedia
Physics PhD student,
University of Notre Dame.
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