[Users] Meeting Minutes 2021-01-28

Miguel Gracia mgracia at austin.utexas.edu
Thu Jan 28 12:30:32 CST 2021

Present:  Peter D., Roland H., Miguel G., Yosef Z., Bill G., Steven B., Atul K,  Maria H. , Zach E., Karima S.

Chair: Zach E.
Minutes: Miguel G.

  *   Announcements

           We are going to have a ET seminar on February 4,2021 ( same time of the regular ET call)

           Kuibit: a community-friendly tool to analyze Cactus simulations<http://lists.einsteintoolkit.org/pipermail/users/2021-January/007755.html>  by Gabriele Bozzala (zoom link: https://lsu.zoom.us/j/631356683)

  *   SPEC benchmark contribution [RH, SB]

           A survey was sent to know what code to include in  SPEC. Steven suggested to use a code that is officially part of the ET, this limits the options to CCZ4 McLachlan. People agreed CCZ4 is what should be use.

  *   Tutorial server down[RH]

          The server is now working again.

  *   Simfactory  survey<http://lists.einsteintoolkit.org/pipermail/users/2021-January/007754.html> [RH]

          Survey about simfactory was sent with the purpose of  knowing what simfactory features people are using. This will serve as a guide to improve the python 3 simfactory version.

  *   Unanswered questions / open tickets / tickets ready to review

           # 2491 Zach E. added notes to the ticket with a Roland’s  suggestion about a possible solution.

           #963 Peter D. will take a look this week.

           #2462 Steve B. will take a look on this ticket.

           #1631 Multipole patch, hard coded limit for number of l, Roland’s  patch fixed this.

  *   Other comments

           -Karima S. had interpolation errors. This error could appear when a spherical surface(s) radius  is  larger than the domain or  when AHFinder is looking for an apparent horizon using a surface with radius larger than the domain. In the later case the warning could be ignore.

          -Zach  E. and Kenneth S. will give an update on the LaTeX parser in the  Feb 11 call.

  *   Chair and minute taker search.

          February 4 ET seminar,
         Chair: Roland H.
         Speaker: Gabrielle Bozzola

         Feb 11,
         Chair: Roland H.
         Minutes: Bill G.

         Feb 18  ET seminar,
        Chair: Peter D.
        Speaker: Erick S.

End of the meeting.

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