[Users] North American Einstein Toolkit summer school day 2 recap

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Tue Jul 27 23:53:43 CDT 2021

Hello all,

the second day of the virtual North American Einstein Toolkit Summer
School 2021 was all about initial data: almost 120 participants learned
about the theoretical foundation behind binary neutron star initial data
codes (Joshua Faber), how to generate initial data using LORENE (Atul
Kedia), and finally how to use LORENE initial data with the Einstein
Toolkit (Bruno Giacomazzo).

Gabriele Bozzola showcased kuibit a free and open-source Python library
to analyze and visualize Einstein Toolkit simulations with a strong
focus on accessible documentation and usability.

Continuing a series of presentations around CarpetX, Erik Schnetter
provided an update on the current status of the future CarpetX driver
thorn for the Einstein Toolkit, based on AMReX.

Erik also stuck around for the tutorial help session after the school
ended and gave an ad-hoc tutorial on how the parts of a typical Einstein
Toolkit parameter file for binary black hole simulations are set.

All recordings and slides are now uploaded to the respective talk pages
and collected in a YouTube playlist:


Please join us again tomorrow at 8:25 AM CDT via Zoom or via the YouTube
stream at:


for more interesting presentations and lightning talks.

See the program


for upcoming presentations and tutorials.

the organizers

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