[Users] How to use Formaline -- symbol table/file error

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Apr 18 13:25:24 CDT 2022

Hello Bernard,

> Follow-up thought: since gdb is a debugger, does this mean I should have
> compiled the original executable with debugging symbols? (Something I
> almost never do for a production executable.)
Almost certainly, yes. Though maybe not all off them but enough that
say "nm exe/cactus_sim_ET_2021_05_BC" reports something for
cactus_source (eg in my case nm exe/cactus_sim | grep
'cactus_source$' -> 0000000006fdc1c0 D cactus_source). Gdb needs to be
able to resolve the "cactus_source" symbol into the actual address.
Otherwise it will be hard to find out that correct starting point for
the linked list of tar file fragments.

If you can still run the the executable then running it with a minimal
thornlist that says 

ActiveThorns = "Formaline"

will write out the source code tarball.


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