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Barkhouse, Wayne wayne.barkhouse at und.edu
Sat Apr 30 04:19:28 CDT 2022

> and if you are already doing this then you did not set 7th refinement level

> CarpetRegrid2::radius_3[7]

This seems to have been the problem (it was commented out in the parameter file).

Thank you for the help!!!!!


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Hello Wayne,

I suppose the error resulted from not having enough refinement levels on region 3. If you get this error while Triggering the 7th refinement level of region 3, then you need to have CarpetRegrid2::radius_3[8] for Trigger thorn (copied from BNS gallery example parfile
Trigger::Trigger_Steered_Scalar            ][1] = "CarpetRegrid2::num_levels[2]" # == num_levels_3
Trigger::Trigger_Steered_Scalar_Value [1] = "8"
and if you are already doing this then you did not set 7th refinement level


If you would get this error at the beginning of the simulation, you would need to make sure that you have enough refinement levels at the beginning

CarpetRegrid2::num_levels_3 = 8 (If you set to 8 you can only have 7 (CarpetRegrid2::radius_2[7])

If this is wrong. someone could correct it.

Best regards,


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When running a BNS simulation, we occasionally run into the following error message:

ERROR from host node1 process 0
  in thorn CarpetRegrid2, file /home/wbark/Software/EinsteinToolkit/Cactus/configs/sim/build/CarpetRegrid2/regrid.cc:80:
  -> The radius of refinement level 7 of region 3 is [-1,-1,-1], which is not non-negative

Is there a general fix for this that we are missing?

Thank you!!


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