[Users] meeting minutes for 2022-05-12

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu May 12 10:01:59 CDT 2022

Present: Vassili Mewes, Roland Haas, Yosef Zlochower, Peter Diener,
Beyhan KarakaƟ

V. mentioned INCITE call that is up (see mailing list)
* early carrer track has been extenteded
* will allocate on Frontier
* V. would probably be POC
* R. reports that there are some plans to go for DOE with CarpetX

Z. brought up EHT new image of milky way
* no direct ET involvement
* Z. had been involved in code comparison for first paper
* had some discussions about simulating MAD disk simulations with ET
  (ILGRMHD, SphericalNR)

next release:
* not yet done with self-force inclusion
* will delay until next release due to lack of time, will have
  maintenance only release
* still aiming for release in May
* Y. and R. will meet to go over schedule

NA ET summer school and workshop:
* on track to collect registration fees
* will have 3G / LISA detector requirements discussion
** standardized data formats for contributions to these detectors
(chaired by Deirdre Shoemaker)
** 2nd round of discussion on this at ICERM workshop later this year
** Z. will email ET users mailing list about this

Unanswered questions:
* http://lists.einsteintoolkit.org/pipermail/users/2022-May/008509.html
  about compiling on a M1 Mac, Erik provided some suggestions but did
  not solve the issue
** Z. mentioned that supporting clang may be useful for the ET
** R. will try and follow up

* http://lists.einsteintoolkit.org/pipermail/users/2022-May/008519.htm
  about solutions evolving away from isotropic configurations
* suggestion may be to check if resolution makes this better
* could be a roundoff level issue that is amplified
* would want some clarification on term "isotropic" used to understand
  what the expectation is by Nicholas


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