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 IllinoisGRMHD: add README file
 license informatin is still missing

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+Cactus Code Thorn IllinoisGRMHD
+Author(s)    : Zachariah B. Etienne
+Maintainer(s): Zachariah B. Etienne
+Licence      : TBD
+1. Purpose
+IllinoisGRMHD employs a conservative, high-resolution shock capturing
+scheme to evolve the general relativistic magnetohydrodynamics (GRMHD)
+equations in a dynamical spacetime context. It is based on the
+original code of the Illinois numerical relativity group, but has been
+rewritten for the benefit of beginners, with complete documentation
+and code comments, as well as a new, highly modular interface. This
+code has been released as an open-source module in the latest version
+of the Einstein Toolkit.

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