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Mon Jun 2 21:03:26 CDT 2014

User: rhaas
Date: 2014/06/02 09:03 PM


 IllinoisGRMHD: add TODO file

File Changes:

Directory: /trunk/

File [added]: TODO
Delta lines: +19 -0
--- trunk/TODO	                        (rev 0)
+++ trunk/TODO	2014-06-03 02:03:26 UTC (rev 32)
@@ -0,0 +1,19 @@
+General comments:
+* use CCTK_REAL for floating point Cactus variables, not double since CCTK_REAL can be float or long double
+* don't use exit(1) and printf() to report errors, instead use CCTK_VError (eg. stdout of non-rank0 procs is often lost)
+* use CCTK_VInfo to report status not printf (CCTK_VInfo supports hooks)
+* (optional) add "const" qualifier to constants defined outside of omp parallel regions
+* extreneous checks and code lines that never executa in MoL_registration
+* all externally visible functions should be prefixed by IllinoisGRMHD_ (or put in an IllinoisGRMHD namespace -- note that this does not work for the extern "C" ones)
+* (personal choice): you use very long lines, this is ok (your code, your style). Usually we prefer shorter lines (80 chars) but that is really each author's decision
+* don't use explicitly spelled out decimals. The compiler will evaluate fractions at compile time anyway, ie use: (1./3.)*x instead of 0.3333*x
+* consider passing CCTK_PASS_CTOC and DECLARE_CCTK_ARGUMENTS (may be slower though) rather than passing cctkGH and cctk_lsh
+* gettimeofday may not exist, don' rely on it
+* only pass by (non-const) reference objects that are actually going to be modified. Best is to pass by value.
+* there are some unused functions with CCTK_FNAME() ie Fortran names defined. If they are not actually used I'd remove them. 
+Obsolete code/methods:
+* support symmetries using SymBase rather than cartgrid3f (ie remove SetCartSymGN)
+* don't use "magic" numbers for Symmetry
+* use CCTK_ERROR instead of CCTK_WARN(0,

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