[Users] make utils ignoring config file?

Vassilios Mewes vassilios.mewes at uv.es
Fri Feb 7 08:46:13 CST 2014


when building with simfactory, configname-utils are built by default..on
the cluster i have been building with simfactory, which uses intel mpi, i
need to use the -mt_mpi flags in order to successfully build with openmp..

building the configuration works fine with that, however, when building the
utils (using simfactory or manually with

$make configname-utils

i get the following errors:

ld: MPIR_Thread: TLS definition in
/afs/@cell/common/soft/intel/ics2013/impi/4.1.3/lib64/libmpi_mt.so section
.tbss mismatches non-TLS definition in
/afs/@cell/common/soft/intel/ics2013/impi/4.1.3/lib64/libmpi.so section .bss
/afs/@cell/common/soft/intel/ics2013/impi/4.1.3/lib64/libmpi.so: could not
read symbols: Bad value
make[1]: *** [/ran/u/mvass/cactus/Cactus/exe/ET_INTEL_SIM/carpet2xgraph]
Error 1
make[1]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....

and the same for all utilities trying to be built

those were precisely the errors i got around by usingt he -mt_mpi flags and
using -lmpi_mt library in my config file...

it however seems that this is ignored for the build of the utils...

I have actually never used them before, but it seems strange that they
canot be built while the Toolkit exe compiles just fine..

best wishes,

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