[Users] Information about grid decomposition

breu at th.physik.uni-frankfurt.de breu at th.physik.uni-frankfurt.de
Thu Nov 10 07:54:17 CST 2016

Dear users of the Einstein Toolkit,

I have a question: I would like to integrate the geodesic equations for a
large quantity of particles in parallel (e.g. one million). To save
computational time, I want to make sure that the arrays containing the
particle data are handled by the same process that takes care of the
corresponding grid patch on which the particles are moving and only
communicate particle data if a particle moves to another grid patch.

Since I only want a process to communicate with the processes that contain
the adjacent grid patches, can I access information on which process owns
which grid patch and if yes, how?

So far I have only found functions that return the upper and lower bounds
for the local process, but each process would need to know where all the
rest of the grid is.

Kind regards,

Cosima Breu

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