[Users] Machines used with the Einstein Toolkit

Frank Loeffler knarf at cct.lsu.edu
Tue Nov 22 12:46:09 CST 2016

On Tue, Nov 22, 2016 at 11:41:38AM +0100, Ian Hinder wrote:
>For the upcoming release, we have only a small number of machines on 
>which the tests have been run 
>Usually we have many more.  It would be very helpful to find out what 
>machines people are actually wanting to use with the toolkit, so that 
>we can focus testing on machines that people actually care about.
>Please could you let us know which machines are important for you?

Here is a list of machines mentioned on the wiki that are in need, 
grouped but otherwise unsorted:


We don't have a volunteer for any of them. Not every maintainer has 
access to those machines, so if you do, please consider helping. If you 
are actively using some of these machines, please consider helping. If 
you have used or are thinking about using one of these machines, please 
consider helping.

Volunteering would mean to run the testsuites (the entire suite) on 1 
and 2 mpi processes, using as many openmp threads as makes sense on that 
machine for one node. Use the standard development checkout of the 
toolkit (do a fresh one). Then you either sent the resulting two 
'summary.log' files to any of the maintainers, or put them on the ET web 
pages if you do have commit permissions yourself (all devs should have). 
At this point you can stop, if all testsuites pass. If not 
- well - there is more work to do. Also take into account that this 
process might involve updating the simfactory entries, especially the 
option list.

If we will not find someone who is willing to do the tests on these 
machines, they will likely not be included in the testing. It is up to 
you. Also, feel free to test other machines as well, and let us know 
about how things went. Ideally, send us the resulting log files, and 
we'll include them. It is always nice for a computing allocation report 
of some kind to have a sentence ready like: "Our group also ensured that 
our computational framework (the Einstein Toolkit) included cluster XYZ 
in it's regular release testing".

Below, I just copy&paste some commands that might come in handy; maybe 
not always verbatim, but as guide what to do.


Get the ET thornlist:

GetComponents --parallel \

(I assume you have simfactory configured and know some basics)


sim build --thornlist=../einsteintoolkit.th

Run like this (or by hand, setting OMP_NUM_THREADS as well):

sim create-submit tests1 --testsuite --procs 20 --num-threads=20
sim create-submit tests2 --testsuite --procs 20 --num-threads=10

(This is for nodes with 20 cores.)

This will create:


The naming convention for the website script is:




These will be parsed (once uploaded) for this web site:


The repository for the website is:


And you can find the files here:


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