[Users] Lines between black hole surfaces in Visit

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Tue Feb 2 09:46:24 CST 2021

Hello Chris,

> that works perfectly.
> I attach the first surface01 .vtk file, which has this weird effect.
Ok, your attached files produces bad rendering for me as well using
VisIt 3.1.0. 

Looking at the file (it is an ASCII file format) and comparing it
to surface01_000000.vtk from the Zenodo dataset, the file is clearly
different and has some very strange sections with 0.0 values in it.

> The simulation that output it was from the example GW150914.
The ET gallery example parfile on linked on:


does not have vtk output enabled in QuasilocalMeasures.

Are you running the parfile from the Zenodo repo or a modified version
from the gallery website? Would you mind attaching your parfile, please
as well as the out and err output from Cactus?

Something strange seems to be going on in your vtk output I would say,
though I have no idea what might be happening.

Having said that, I ran the gallery example parfile using the Turing
(ET_2020_05, mostly b/c I had a copy already compiled) after setting:

QuasiLocalMeasures::output_vtk_every       = 1

and its t=0 output for surface01_000000.vtk looks just like your bad

Running diff on the parameter files (from the galley page and Zenodo)
the only differences I see are that WaveExtractCPM (not in the Einstein
Toolkit) is disabled in the gallery version and that ADMConstraints has
been replaced by ML_ADMConstraints.

You may want to try if correct output is restored after running:

cd repos/einsteinanalysis
git revert 56a98ded

and recompiling.

This reverts a commit "QuasiLocalModes: Simplify VTK output routine to
speed up build times" which has a suggestive commit message.

I would suggest creating a bug report ticket.


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